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Founded in 1956, Swann is a leading switch manufacturer supplying high quality and cost-effective switches and indicators. In addition, we deliver complete, one-stop switching solutions to customers worldwide. Common applications for our products include major appliances, office equipment, machinery, automotive and marine, amongst other industries.

Swann Industries Pte Ltd was established in 1977 in the Republic of Singapore and handles all international sales and product inquiries. The capabilities of our Singapore operations include design and development of products and manufacturing processes, metal and plastic part fabrications, high-speed automated assembly etc. An ISO 9001 certified company since 1995, Swann is also an active practitioner of Six Sigma quality methodologies.

Swann Electronics (Suzhou) Co. Ltd (SES) is a fully-fledged manufacturing facility located in Suzhou City, China. SES provides sales services and support to customers in mainland China.


成立于1956年,天鹅集团是一家世界领先的开关制造商,主要供应高品质和高性价比的开关和指示灯。此外,我们还对来自全世界的客户提供全方位,一站式的开关解决方案。我们的产品被 广泛应用于大家电,办公设备,机器机械,汽车和船舶,和其它相关行业。

Swann Industries Pte Ltd于1977年在新加坡建立,承接来自世界各地的销售订单和产品询价,我们新加坡公司的职能主要包括:设计和研发产品和相关制造流程;金属和塑料零件的制造;高速自动组装流水线等,于1995年起获得ISO9001的认证,并在生产管理中积极推行六西格玛的质量管理方法来保证产品质量。



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