Delivery Policy

Customers demand prompt delivery. At Swann, we set high standard for delivery commitment. To fulfil it, we adopt vertically integrated manufacturing process technology from the fabrication of most basic components to intricate assembly of the finished products. It allows versatility to respond quickly to changing needs. Our manufacturing facilities comprises injection moulding, metal stamping, welding, printing and fully automatic assembly machines. They are supported by regular maintenance program and comprehensive tool room facility.
To effectively co-ordinate the multiple processes, it is further aided by Enterprise Resource Planning with state-of-the-art program. It identifies critical path of the processes, maximize machine utilization and optimize throughput time. In addition, we plan contingencies for alternate supply of raw materials and support to manufacturing facilities. Together with a team of very well trained and dedicated workers, we can deliver orders to their desired destination promptly.
Swann not only symbolizes reliability and safety of its products but also excellent service. This is our goal.